About Us

Jeremy, Duane, and Kendra in front of the mural "Here Comes The Sun" by our first kitchen. at 1827 BroadwayWe were born during COVID - March 2020

Duane, and Jeremy have been friends for years, working together on charity events, and then COVID happened.

Duane is a product designer & software engineer. When the lockdown started Duane began baking at home making hand pies (think pasty, empanadas, calzones) and working on his Mom’s recipes, first for his immediate family, then posting on Facebook.

Jeremy White owns Acoustic Events, a high-end catering company with a commercial kitchen in Sacramento that was shut down due to the pandemic. Duane convinced him to start baking hand pies that would be sold online w. free delivery, use produce from our friends farms to promote them too, and utilize the existing kitchen and staff of the catering company.

After a few weeks of making prototypes, and building the website, we came up with a brand that ties into our Delta community, and promotes a place that we are all attached to.

Fresh Baked Hand Pies on a plate

What started out as a fun COVID project we expected to work on for a few months has turned into a much bigger business and is continuing to grow!

Delta Hand Pies produces fresh-baked hand pies using ingredients from local farmers in the Sacramento & Yolo region.

We want to give our customers fresh, local, delicious vegetables, and fruits from local farms. We then feature the farms and the farmers and give back to local charities, and causes, that support our community.

Each purchase from Delta Hand Pies gives back to local food banks in Sacramento & YOLO Counties

Eat Hand Pies. Save The World!