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Fresh Baked Hand Pies, Delivered.

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Fresh Baked Hand Pies, Delivered! The best Hand Pies in Sacramento. Fresh local ingredients wrapper in our flaky shortcrust pastry. Meat, Vegetarian, and Vegan options... most can be made Gluten Free too! You're going to love them, or your money back!

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Common Questions

Help Section

How can I reheat the pies?

Our hand pies are delivered chilled and should be refrigerated as soon as possible once delivered.

Before eating, heat at 300°F in your oven for 3-4 minutes, or till warm. Enjoy!

Have an Air Fryer? Try 4-5 minutes at 400°F for a flakey, crispy treat!

Our hand pies reheat really well, and can last days when refrigerated. Remember they are fresh and have no preservatives. The best day to eat your hand pie is the day they are delivered!

Pies may be frozen for several weeks, just thaw and reheat, they still taste great!

Pies are already baked, so watch them in the oven so they don't burn! You can also microwave them on low power for a minute or two to warm up the insides, then into the oven/air-fryer to crisp up the crust ;D

Where do you deliver?

We delivery in the Greater Sacramento Metro Region (Including Yolo County). Delivery days are based on zipcode. You will be automatically asigned a delivery day based on your shipping address.

Try our Delivery Zip Code Lookup Tool


Yolo County, Elk Grove, The Delta (Clarksburg, Courtland), South Sacramento & The Pocket


Sacramento (City & County) up to Roseville (between 5 and 50)

What time is delivery?

We try to leave the kitchen around 10am so delivery will be somewhere between 10:30-3:00pm.

You'll receive an email when order are getting ready to go, then a text message once your order has been dropped off.

Can you ship?

Sorry, We are not offering shipping of hand pies at this time, but we’re investigating how to offer this in the future!

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Can I do Take-Out / Pickup?

There is no take-out service and we don't (yet) have an option to do on-demand take out. We're working on it!

You can pick-up at the Kitchen on Thursday or Friday from appx. 9:3- 10am, after that the drivers have left for delivery. Just leave a note asking for pickup at our new location 918 S St. We're on S between 9th and 10th -- across the street from the old Lasher VW and Beers Books location.